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What if you could start baby-led weaning with ease and confidence?

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What if you could feel confident about reducing the risk of food allergies?

“Malina clearly discussed the importance of early allergen introduction and provided a clear, detailed method for introduction. She also discussed risk factors and symptoms to monitor for following food introduction. This is the type of information ALL parents should receive during their baby’s first few months so they can be proactive and confident in allergen introduction, as I am now!”


Mom of 2

You could keep scrolling through Instagram only to find conflicting info that isn't backed by research...

  • You could turn to BLW Facebook groups and wade through all the mom-shaming toward those who combo feed (purees + finger foods) because " isn't pure baby-led weaning and will confuse the baby." (Ahem - no evidence of that. Purees are an important texture for babies to learn too, and I'll show you how to offer them in a way that is baby-led.)
  • You could stare into the fridge each day and wonder what on earth to feed your baby in order to provide the nutrients needed for growth and development.
  • You could stress about how, when, and how often to offer the top allergenic foods to help reduce your baby's risk of food allergies.
  • Or miss the critical window of time during infancy when allergen introduction is especially important for food allergy prevention.
  • You could book an exponentially more expensive series of 1:1 video coaching sessions with me where I would walk you through the whole process.



“Even as a pediatrician, I still had so many questions about feeding as a new Mom. Malina breaks it down into easily understandable, sensible and evidence-based chunks. I also love how the videos in the online course still make sense even when watched out of order.”

Joana F.

Pediatrician and Mom of 3

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After taking this course, you'll know how to...

  • Reduce the risk of food allergies
  • Lower the likelihood of food fussiness
  • Increase the likelihood that your baby will be an adventurous eater down the road
  • Spend less time, effort and expense spent on baby food prep (baby eats what you eat!)
  • Integrate your baby earlier into family meals
  • Help advance your baby's large and fine motor skills
  • Help your baby accept a wider range of flavors, textures and foods
  • Enjoy stress-free mealtimes
  • Connect with your baby over food

What is included in the course?

“When I had my baby, I was a little afraid of baby led weaning. took her course and was so ready & knew so much that everything made more sense! Following her on Instagram helps with recipes what to feed my baby daily, & he is already eating all alone thanks to her!

Afterdita Dreshaj


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Malina Malkani holding her daughter

I may be an infant feeding expert now, but when my three girls were born (all within about 3 1/2 years of each other), I was a new dietitian struggling with postpartum exhaustion, overwhelmed by my new responsibilities, and second-guessing my parenting decisions. Most of all, I was worried that my babies weren't getting the nutrients they needed to thrive and grow.

I've been where you are - it's not easy to find the kind of support that actually provides some relief.

When it came to starting my girls on solid foods, what I really wanted was for someone I trusted to come along and tell me exactly what to do - what to make, how to prepare it, what tools to use, when to feed it, and what to combine it with.

What I DIDN'T know at the time (no one did!) was that how we feed babies during infancy can actually help reduce the risk that they will end up with food allergies.

An amazing body of new research has fueled a seismic shift in infant feeding guidelines over the past several years, and it's exciting that we now know so much more about how to prevent food allergies and raise adventurous eaters.

Malina Malkani holding her best selling book on Baby-led Weaning

When I wrote my book about starting babies on solids using finger foods (Simple & Safe Baby-Led Weaning) and it quickly became a best-seller, I knew parents were hungry for guidance and needed a proven roadmap to help them navigate these early months of feeding.

So, I created this Safe & Simple Baby-Led Feeding online course in response to the thousands of new parents who read my book and reached out to me for more information, saying they loved the book and wanted more guidance about not only the "how" of feeding - but also the "what."

Yes, please! I want that too!

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