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To help make the first few months of your baby's feeding journey even easier, I've created a Troubleshooting Mini-Course for ($99) $49! In it, you'll find solutions to the top 25 feeding issues & concerns I see in my private practice. Check the box below to grab access to this mini-course now and be completely prepared for the weeks and months ahead! 

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12-Week Baby-Led Feeding Meal Plan + Over 30 Recipes

Reduce the risk of food allergies & ditch the overwhelm of starting solids...

Here's what's inside:

  • A clear, complete roadmap to the first 12 weeks of your baby's feeding journey into solids foods
  • Guidance on how, when and how often to offer the top 9 allergens 
  • Advice on food texture and sizing for all foods included in the meal plans
  • Original recipes that work not only for your baby, but also for the entire family
  • Thoughtfully balanced meal suggestions that provide the nutrients babies need to thrive and grow 
  • A complete plan that keeps top allergens in baby's diet 2-3x per week once introduced and tolerated 

Note: I designed this guide to make it easy, doable, and tasty to introduce all 9 top allergenic foods to babies at low-risk for food allergies within the first 3 months of feeding. 

If your baby is at moderate or high risk for food allergies, talk to your pediatrician or allergist about an alternative plan for allergen introduction. 

You may still be able to use this guide (or parts of it), but will need to do so in conversation with your healthcare team.

xo Malina

What People Are Saying:

I am absolutely LOVING the course! This course is very professional but makes you feel like you're at home talking with a friend. It has easy to watch videos that are perfect for busy parents. The videos and photos of babies eating and starting solids are incredibly helpful. Malina is able to take complex topics and share the evidenced-based information in an easy to understand way that is practical for new parents. Malina has a compassionate approach with an understanding that starting solids looks different for every family! There's no parent-shaming or guilt here! It answers all of your top questions about starting solids including how to offer foods safely based on development, how to cut foods, information on allergens, milk feeds, whether you can start with purees or finger foods and more! I would definitely recommend this to my clients.

Leah Hackney, RDN

This course is A M A Z I N G. I recommend it to every mom (or mommy to be) not only because is super fun and simple, but because there will be no doubts at the end of it. All the information you need to enjoy the meal time with your little one is here, and I couldn't be more grateful for it! Malina truly have our back.

Marcella Arena

This resource is everything for parents! Even as a pediatrician, I still had so many questions about feeding as a new Mom (and again as a second-time Mom!). Malina breaks it down into easily understandable, sensible and evidence-based chunks. I also love how the videos in the online course still make sense even when watched out of order. It makes it so easy to go back and re-refer to things. Plus, she is just SO kind and clearly understand the questions all parents have. Highly recommend this amazing resource by an incredible and knowledgable Mama!

Joana F., MD

Malina teaches all the aspects of feeding baby (including but not limited to self-feeding) with genuine warmth, expert knowledge and the reassurance that every parent needs to feel confident throughout their child’s feeding journey. Loved this course!

Melanie Potock, SLP

Malina is the author of Simple and Safe Baby-Led Weaning, the bible for starting solid foods. 'Safe and Simple Baby-Led Feeding: Start Solids Without the Stress,' a three-step course based on her best-selling book, arms parents with vital information they need for baby-led weaning. The format is easy to follow, extremely thorough, and based on the latest evidence-based guidelines from the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Anthony Porto, MD

When I had my baby, I wanted him to be independent, I started with sleep & when was time to eat, I was a little afraid of baby led weaning. I got Malina's book, felt a little better, took her course and was so ready & knew so much that everything made more sense! Following her on Instagram helps with recipes what to feed my baby daily, & he is already eating all alone thanks to her!

Aferdita Dreshaj

Malina’s course is essential for any mom who is trying to navigate the whole “solid foods” thing! The course itself is so easy to follow and all of her handouts and materials are CHOCK full of incredible information and product suggestions! I have recommended it to every new mama I know!

Jenny Hayes Edwards

Safe and Simple Baby-Led Feeding is an online course full of practical advice and recipes to help empower parents to learn how to best feed their little one. It is an essential guide to any parent looking for a comprehensive resource to answer all their questions and start their baby on baby led weaning and a path to life long healthy nutrition.

Dina DiMaggio, MD

Malina has created an infant feeding resource for parents that is simple, comprehensive, and complete. For parents who are nervous about starting solid foods and introducing potential allergens, she includes detailed information, tips, and resources that make the process easier, ensuring that parents can feed their babies with confidence!

Sherry C. Collins, RDN