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Feed your baby with confidence...

I may be an infant feeding expert now, but when my three girls were born (all within about 3 1/2 years of each other), I was a new dietitian struggling with postpartum exhaustion, overwhelmed by my new responsibilities, and second-guessing my parenting decisions. Most of all, I was worried that my babies weren't getting the nutrients they needed to thrive and grow.

I've been where you are. It's hard - and it's not easy to find the kind of support that actually gives you some relief. 

When it came to starting my girls on solid foods, what I really wanted was for someone I trusted to come along and tell me exactly what to do - what to make, how to prepare it, when to feed it, and what to combine it with.

What I DIDN'T know at the time (no one did!) was that how we feed babies during infancy can actually help reduce the risk that they will end up with food allergies.

An amazing body of new research has fueled a seismic shift in infant feeding guidelines over the past several years. It's exciting that we now know so much more about how to prevent food allergies and raise adventurous eaters, but the shifting guidelines have also led to a lot of confusion among parents about how to start solids.

That's why, when I wrote my book about starting babies on solids using finger foods, Simple & Safe Baby-Led Weaning, and it quickly became a best-seller, I knew parents were hungry for guidance and needed a proven roadmap to help them navigate these early months of feeding. 

So, I created this 12-Week Meal Plan in response to the thousands of new parents who read my book and reached out to me for more information, saying they loved that my book taught them a lot about the "how" of feeding - they now needed a proven roadmap providing the "what." 

Download my Safe & Simple 12-Week Meal Plan

Starting solids can feel overwhelming...

I have so much empathy for where you are. You’re already exhausted from lack of sleep and adjusting to life as a new parent. You’re overwhelmed by the reams of conflicting info you’re finding online about starting solids. You've heard that offering top allergens during infancy can help reduce the risk of food allergies - but you don't know what to do about it. The infant feeding Facebook groups are overly judgemental. Scrolling for answers on Instagram ends up being an enormous time suck. Cooking/pureeing/freezing baby food sounds like hours of work for which you don’t have time or bandwidth. You may not have a lot of support, family or friends around to help and the pandemic has only made it harder to connect with other new parents. 

Just tell me what to do...

You want a simple, stress-free, non-judgmental, proven roadmap on how to feed your baby in a way that sets the stage for a long, healthy life -- but you can’t find one you trust. I know how this feels... As a registered dietitian and infant feeding expert - and more importantly, as a single mom of 3, I know the challenges of postpartum well. I know how helpful it is when someone you trust comes along and just takes a massive load of responsibility off your plate. How hard it can be as a first-time parent to adjust to your new role, care for your baby (and laundry list of additional responsibilities) AND stay on top of the latest research on infant care. When it comes to starting solids, you could hire a dietitian and infant feeding expert to help - but the services are expensive. You could join a baby feeding Facebook group, but the information provided isn't vetted and the groups aren't necessarily run by credentialed experts. You could buy a 'starting solids' cookbook with recipes, but how would you know which recipes to feed at which stage, and without meal plans, how would you make a plan for allergen introduction and keeping top allergens in your baby's diet at a regular cadence? 

Imagine never having to wonder,"What should I feed my baby today?"

The struggle is real, the stakes are high, and there is a critical window of time during infancy when allergen introduction is especially important. After hearing from thousands of parents struggling with these same challenges, I created this clear, simple, baby-led feeding 12 Week Starting Solids Meal Plan to reduce the stress and overwhelm of starting solids and provide you with all of the meal plans, recipes and food sizing/texture guidance you need to enjoy the first 12 weeks of your baby’s feeding journey -- without ever having to wonder, “what should I feed my baby today?”

Download my Safe & Simple 12-Week Meal Plan

What's in the e-Book?

Baby-feeding cookbooks may offer lots of recipes, but no comprehensive plan for allergen introduction, and little guidance on how to offer foods sized according to your baby's developmental stage. In my Safe & Simple 12-Week Meal Plan, you'll get: 

  • A clear, complete roadmap to the first 12 weeks of your baby's feeding journey into solids foods
  • Guidance on how, when and how often to offer the top 9 allergens 
  • Advice on food texture and sizing for all foods included in the meal plans
  • Original recipes that work not only for your baby, but also for the entire family
  • Thoughtfully balanced meal suggestions that provide the nutrients babies need to thrive and grow 
  • A complete plan that keeps top allergens in baby's diet 2-3x per week once introduced and tolerated 

Don't Just Take My Word For It...

Melanie Potock, MA, CCC-SLP

Author of 5 books on feeding kids including Responsive Feeding: The Baby-First Guide to Stress-Free Weaning, Healthy Eating & Mealtime Bonding

“Malina teaches all the aspects of feeding baby (including but not limited to self-feeding) with genuine warmth, expert knowledge and the reassurance that every parent needs to feel confident throughout their child’s feeding journey. Loved this course!”

Anthony Porto, MD MPH

Co-author of the Pediatricians’ Guide to Feeding Babies and Toddlers

"Malina is the author of Simple and Safe Baby-Led Weaning, the bible for starting solid foods. 'Safe and Simple Baby-Led Feeding: Start Solids Without the Stress,' a three-step course based on her best-selling book, arms parents with vital information they need for baby-led weaning. The format is easy to follow, extremely thorough, and based on the latest evidence-based guidelines from the American Academy of Pediatrics."

Afterdita Dreshaj


“When I had my baby, I wanted him to be independent, I started with sleep & when was time to eat, I was a little afraid of baby led weaning. I got Malina's book, felt a little better, took her course and was so ready & knew so much that everything made more sense! Following her on Instagram helps with recipes what to feed my baby daily, & he is already eating all alone thanks to her!”

Hi, I'm Malina!

I’m a registered dietitian, author and single mom of 3, specializing in nutrition for moms, babies & kids. I run the Instagram account, and I help parents and caregivers grow healthy, intuitive, adventurous eaters. My goal as a dietitian is always to reduce as much of YOUR stress around food and feeding as I possibly can.

I designed this 12-Week Starting Solids Meal Plan with YOU in mind, because as a parent, I know that what you don’t have is a lot of time and bandwidth. It can be overwhelming to try and sift through the reams of information out there on feeding babies, much of which is conflicting!

My best-selling book, Simple & Safe Baby-Led Weaning has helped thousands and thousands of parents and caregivers move past the overwhelm and learn the 'how' of infant feeding, using the latest guidelines and evidence-based best practices in infant feeding. With this 12-Week Starting Solids Meal Plan, I offer you the 'what' of starting solids, so that you never again have to wonder, "...what should I feed my baby today?" 


Download my Safe & Simple 12-Week Meal Plan

My Guarantee

I am so confident that you will find enormous value in this e-book that I'm happy to offer you a 100% risk-free guarantee. If you decide the e-book is not a good fit for you and your baby, simply email me within 14 days of your purchase and I'll send you a complete refund.

What's Covered In The eBook?

The baby-led feeding approach laid out in my 12-Week Meal Plan comes with so many potential benefits to babies, including:

  • A reduced risk of food allergies
  • Less likelihood of food fussiness
  • Higher likelihood of adventurous eating down the road
  • Less time, effort and expense spent on baby food prep (no need to freeze all those ice cube trays of purees!)
  • Earlier integration of baby into family meals
  • More opportunities for baby to advance large and fine motor skills
  • A baby who is more likely to accept a wider range of flavors, textures and foods
  • Joyful, stress-free mealtimes
  • Lots of opportunities to connect with your baby over food

But that's not all...

Get my 12-Week Safe & Simple Baby-Led Feeding Meal Plan and Receive these THREE FREE Bonuses!

BONUS #1 My Collection of Over 30 Kid-Approved, Baby-Friendly, Family-Friendly Healthy & Delicious Recipes

Nutrient-dense, bursting with flavor, and fun for the entire family to enjoy together, these recipes make it easy to serve multiple top allergens in a single meal once they've been introduced and tolerated.

BONUS #2 Complete Weekly Shopping Lists

Save time (no more pouring over recipe books and creating your weekly shopping list!) while list-making) and money (shopping with a list reduces the likelihood of impulse buys...) by using the shopping lists I've created for each week of the meal plan. Remember, I've done all the thinking and planning for you! When you're ready to grocery shop for the week, fill up your cart with the current week's items and rest assured that you'll have what you need when it's time to food prep.

BONUS #3 Healthy Smash Cake Recipes for Baby's 1st Birthday

When it comes to 1st birthdays, is there anything cuter than watching a baby dive into a smash cake? In the spirit of thinking ahead for you from a nutrition perspective, this mini recipe booklet  provides nutrient-rich smash cake recipes that have little (or no) added sugar, lots of flavor, and a soft texture that is easy for baby to manage. During these early years, we want to maximize the nutrition in every bite we can get into our little ones' tiny, growing bodies. These cake recipes work for the entire family and offer a tasty dessert option that nourishes both the body and the taste buds...

How will this meal plan change your life?

I’ve been where you are - second guessing my parenting decisions, wondering how to make sure my baby is eating enough, unsure about whether nutrient needs are being met, nervous about the potential for food allergies.

I created the 12-Week Safe & Simple Baby-Led Feeding Meal Plan so that instead of spending hours cooking, pureeing and freezing ice cube trays of baby food, you can save time and money by simply serving 1 meal for the whole family - baby included -  with some minor adjustments to the food.  

So that instead of feeling confused about food sizing and texture, you will know exactly how to modify food safely for your baby.

So that instead of spending mealtimes spoon-feeding, you can enjoy your own meal and make sweet memories connecting with your baby over food and role modeling how to eat.

So that instead of wondering what to serve each day, whether it will provide the nutrients your baby needs, and whether you are serving the top allergens early and often enough, you can relax and let me do all of the thinking and planning for you while you simply follow a proven roadmap that incorporates the latest research in a delicious, nutritious way.

When you Purchase the 12-Week Safe & Simple Baby-Led Feeding Meal Plan today, you get:

Instant and lifetime access to the 12 Week Safe & Simple Baby-Led Feeding Meal Plan that will take all the guesswork and overwhelm out of the first 3 months of your baby's solid food feeding journey.

  • BONUS #1 Over 30 Kid-Approved, Baby-Friendly, Family-Friendly Original Recipes 
  • BONUS #2 Weekly Shopping Lists 
  • BONUS #3 Healthy Smash Cakes for Baby's 1st Birthday

All of this for just a one-time payment of $34 and, if it's not for you, let me know within 14 days of your purchase and I'll send you a stress-free refund.

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